My Story


My Story

My Homeschooling Journey...

When we started the Homeschooling journey I was so nervous. Can I do this? Initially I felt alone and overwhelmed until I found my homeschool group; They have helped make our homeschooling adventure successful. We rely heavily on field trips, resources, advice as well as the friendships to keep our homeschooling experience an amazing one!

My Homeschool Hangout idea was born...

My homeschool group would use email or a groups program to send notifications out to the group, poll members and to find out interest for events. Some members would use social media sites to share pictures, set-up field trips or to ask for volunteers for a particular event. We used excel spreadsheets for the member directory and to track membership registration. It was all so confusing at times. We had enough to think about without wondering which program to use to communicate with each other or to sign-up for group activities!

I then realized if our group was having this problem others must be too! Why not take my software career experience and use that knowledge to solve the problem. An easy to use program with everything all in one place. With the help of a small team of developers, my husband and kids (of course!), My Homeschool Hangout came to life! 

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About Me

I have been designing and launching software for 20 years.  My goal with every software launch is help improve the life of the person who is using my product.  I believe technology should simplify our lives not make it harder.





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